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This is a chromatic clip-on tuner that can be used for any instrument, it tunes in keys C, Bb, F, Eb, and D! If you need to tune your instrument in a loud environment, no worries! When this tuner is clipped on it can pick up vibrations to help you tune where ever, whenever. It also has a strong and accurate built-in microphone if you want to tune via sound. It has a pitch calibration range of 410-489 Hz and is battery-powered (one battery included). This tuner has an easy-to-read screen that displays a meter that turns green when the note is played in tune.  

Orion Tuner Chromatic

$19.95 Regular Price
$9.95Sale Price

    All orders must be placed before 4 P.M. PRIOR to the day we go to your school! To learn what day of the week we go to your school, please check the Delivery Dates page.

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