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Florida Bandmasters Association

2019 All-State Concert Band Audition Requirements

(For the 9th and 10th grade All-State Band - auditioning in September of 2018 for the January 2019 FMEA Conference) 

All-State Concert Band membership Rules and Regulations


The student must be in the 9th or 10th grade.


The decision of the selection committee is final.


Only instruments listed on the All-State Application or in the 2019 All-State Concert Band Requirements printed in the handbook may audition.


String Bass students should audition through the Florida Orchestra Association and must be a member of the band or orchestra program at their school.


The student must be a member of the band program at their school and have their name submitted on the proper All-State Application form. The Application form must be typed and signed buy the band director and principal. The Application form must be submitted by the proper deadline date as set by the District.


The band director must be a member of FBA/FMEA by September 1, 2018


Students selected for any of the All-State groups must bring their own music stand, instrument, band uniform, etc.

2019 All-State Concert Band (9th and 10th grade) Prepared Exercises

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