Is your band coming into Orlando, Disney World, etc. and looking for Band and/or Orchestra Instruments for rental?

  • We can now rent band and orchestra instruments to groups that are coming in from all over the country!

  • We have 1-3 day short-term rentals

  • All instruments are in great playing condition and are repaired in our own in-house repair shop before being sent out.

  • We can also deliver and pick up your instrument at your hotel for an additional charge.

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Instrument (Quantity)

Upright Bass (5)

Cello (18)

Alto Sax (2)

Tenor Sax (3)

Bari Sax (3)

Trumpet (1)

Bass Clarinet (1)

Baritone (4; Full Size, 3 are 3 valve & 1 is 4 valve)

Tuba (6)

Mellophone (1)

Drum Set 5pc (2)

Bongo (1)

Conga (1)

Timpani (26", 29", 32")

Marching Snare Drum (4)

Quint Set (2)

Quad Set (1)

Wood Xylophone (1)

Small Bell Kit (1)

Cymbals (Pair: 14", 16")

Marching Bass Drums (Sizes: 28", 26", 22", 20", 18")

Keyboard (5)

Roland Keyboard Amp (1)

Bass Amp (1)

Guitar Amp (1)


Type the instrument and then the quantity needed in parenthesis



Cello (2)

Baritone (1)

Timpani (3)

Keyboard (2)

Please have submissions done AT LEAST two weeks before the event!

We will email you within 48 hours to get any additional details, and get an official quote sent out. 

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