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Band Room Music School

The Band Room is striving to have the most professional and rewarding music studios available. In order to accomplish this, we need the cooperation of all students taking lessons and their parents.


There's a one-time $20 registration fee per student for all new students, or students returning to the schedule. This fee holds your spot on the teachers schedule.


Each half-hour lesson is $24. Customers pay tuition directly to the lesson instructor cash or check made out directly to the teacher for the month.

Tuition is as follows:

4-week months are $96

5-week months are $120

Missed Lessons

It is our store's policy that there are NO MAKE UP LESSONS. Private lesson teachers schedules are very packed and finding an open time slot to schedule a make up lessons is not always possible. Each lesson teacher can decide if he or she would like to make-up the lessons on an individual basis.

Our teachers

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