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Alfred's Basic Piano Library Level 4.


This easy step-by-step method is most effective when used under the direction of a piano teacher or experienced musician.


Series Includes:


LESSON, Item#2110: 

In this Lesson book, students will learn tarantellas, eighth note triplets, arpeggiated chords, first and second inversion triads in C, triads in all positions, major scales in parallel motion, two-part writing, seventh chords and inversions of seventh chords, E harmonic minor scale in contrary motion, primary chords in E minor, sixteenth notes, dotted eighth notes, primary chords in B-flat Major and G Minor, repeated-note warm-ups, and harmonic minor scales in parallel motion.


THEORY, #2124:

The Theory book applies music theory basics through written work, games, ear-training, eye-training and improvisation.


TECHNIC, #2519:

The Technic book provides reading and rhythm drills and exercises.


RECITAL, #2116:

This Recital book includes 16 songs that coordinate directly with the other books in this series, and just reinforce the concepts learned.


SOLO, #16499:

Songs Include: Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Chim Chim Cher-ee, Yesterday, The Addams Family Theme, Axel F,  Beauty and the Beast, It's the Hard-Knock life, Mission: Impossible Theme, Think of Me, This Is the Moment, Under the Sea and Yesterday.



Songs Include: Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell), Downton Abbey Theme (from Downton Abbey), Firework (Katy Perry), How Far I'll Go (from Walt Disney Pictures' Moana), Jacob's Bakery (from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), The Magnificent Seven (from The Magnificent Seven), Mia & Sebastian's Theme (from La La Land), Newt Says Goodbye to Tina (from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), The Pink Panther (from The Pink Panther), Sorry (Justin Bieber), Star Wars (Main Theme) (from Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Style (Taylor Swift) and  You'll Be Back (from Hamilton).



The Ear Training book specifically focuses on the training and development of the ear through rhythmic, melodic and intervallic exercises.


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Alfred's Basic Piano Library Level 4


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