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The Normal tension is our best seller for Classical Guitar strings as it offers the best balance of volume and comfortable resistance.  


These trebles are sorted by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser that measures the diameter and tension with precision to ensure consistency and great intonation. 


Set includes three silverplated wound strings, and three clear nylon strings.


String Gauges


LIGHT: .0275, .0317, .0397, .028, .033, .042


NORMAL: .0280, .0322, .0403, .029, .035, .043


HARD: .0285, .0327, .0410, .030, .036, .044

D'Addario Pro-Arte Set of Classical Guitar Strings


    All orders must be placed before 4 P.M. PRIOR to the day we go to your school! To learn what day of the week we go to your school, please check the Delivery Dates page.

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