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These 80/20 Bronze strings for acoustic guitar are great replacement strings. 


These strings feature a high-carbon steel core wound with 80/20 bronze wrapped wire resulting in a rich, bright harmonic and a bold, powerful projection.


Need someone to put the strings on for you? We offer this service in our store!


Looking for a set of strings? This particular string is from the 80/20 Bronze series, and we have the D'Addario Custom Lights as part of that series. Outside of this, our most popular Acoustic Guitar set is the D'Addario Silk and Steel strings.

D'Addario Single 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar String


    All orders must be placed before 4 P.M. PRIOR to the day we go to your school! To learn what day of the week we go to your school, please check the Delivery Dates page.

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