Select a book, stand and care kit that corresponds to your instrument.


The set of 3 is on special for $35. If you only opt for 2 items, the price is $27.


We have an additional option for a set of reeds as well, or you can just select "no reeds".


When selecting reeds for a beginner Clarinet or Sax player, we recommend a size #2 1/2 except for the following schools, which ask for a size #3: Avalon MS, Chain of Lakes MS, Freedom MS, Innovation MS, Lake Nona MS, Lakeview MS & Lockhart MS


For a beginner Oboe or Bassoon player, we recommend a Medium Soft (or MS).

Woodwind Combo Deal


    All orders must be placed before 4 P.M. PRIOR to the day we go to your school! To learn what day of the week we go to your school, please check the Delivery Dates page.