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Our Instrument Return Policy

All rental instruments

MUST be returned to Band Room Orlando in-store!

Instruments CANNOT be left at your student's school with the band directors.

You will get a copy of the return form from the store.

Please read below before returning your instrument!


Is your student not going to continue in Band or Orchestra?

  •  With each payment, your account has built up equity towards owning your student's instrument. If you return the instrument you will lose all the equity you have put towards owning the instrument. (It has been our experience that at the end of the school year, parents tend to return their child's instrument in June when school ends, and then we see them back in the store renting again in August when school starts; however, because they decided to return their students instrument they lost a years worth of equity)
    Please verify with your student that they are 100% for sure finished with band/ orchestra before returning their instrument.

  • Most of the time if students choose band/ orchestra as their elective in 6th grade, they will also be placed in the class for 7th, and 8th grade as well. 

  • You can call the rental company, VIR, anytime to inquire about how much equity you have acquired and what your early pay off price is for your rental.

  • Did you know anytime you are renting and you wish to purchase your student's rental before your scheduled payoff date; VIR will give you an early payoff discount of 30% off your remaining balance? - Because they do! 


Are you returning your rental instrument because you purchased another instrument on your own?

  • Congratulations on your new purchase! Before returning your rental instrument we suggest that the band director looks at and approves the brand/ model. It has been our experience that sometimes renters find a great deal on an instrument online, in pawn shops, etc. however the instrument itself is no good. 
    Certain instruments are made from imported materials and metals that can not be repaired. These are what band directors call "disposable instruments" because they simply can not be repaired.


Check your Instrument BEFORE RETURNING!!!

  • If you are returning your student's instrument please make sure the serial number on the instrument matches what is written on your copy of the paperwork. 

  • Also, verify the instrument is being returned with all the accessories it was rented with such as mouthpiece, ligatures, caps, end plug, strap, sticks, mallets, practice pads, etc.
    ( care kits, cork grease, valve oils, music stands, and books do not have to be returned with the instrument as they were one-time purchases made by the customer.) 

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