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Short Term Rental

Terms and Conditions

  1. All Short Term Rental requests MUST be requested through our website If any requests were inquired through email or phone, we will be directing you back to our website to submit a request.

  2. Placing a short term rental request does not guarantee our ability to deliver all the instruments, if any, to the desired location at the desired time. The demand at the time will determine what we are able to do for you or your group.

  3. To be able to get these instruments to you, we must have the full amount paid before the desired rented date, as well as signatures on all necessary paperwork.

  4. Revisions require updated signatures. We cannot take a signature from an old version of your rental request and apply it to a revised and updated copy.

  5. Unless we have signatures to authorize payments, we are not required to follow up with you, your group, agents, or directors about Short Term Rentals. Please double check that any paperwork with authorizations have been sent.

  6. You will be held liable for any damages done to the instrument(s).

  7. All non-perishable items MUST be returned with the instrument. This includes mouthpieces, drum sticks, bows, etc. We expect perishables (valve oil, rosin, etc.) to come back with average use.

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